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We’re a simple yet dynamic duo, living our fairly commonplace life through each of our own uniqueness – focused on having fun, raising our two kiddos, loving our pets, caring for the earth, eating delicious food, exercising our body and our minds and exploring the world!  Welcome to the world as we live in it and thank you for visiting our site!

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DengLang (Duh’ng Lang) – Chinese husband to AngMoh (red haired person) wife, born and grew up as Singaporean, migrated to US and becoming a Colorado mountain man, father of two beautiful and ambitious daughters, woodworker by morning’s light, toddler wrangler by day, martial artist in soul and life (Muay Thai fighter and master trainer, karate black belt achiever), previous runner and basically a fierce go-getter in everything that matters to us.

AngMoh – American wife to DengLang husband, mother of two independent and beautiful kind souls, surprisingly lazy AND super productive, previous singer/ songwriter, loves to cook and make amazingly tasting dishes (a storm passing through the kitchen), growing our own veggies, gluten free vegetarian who eats fish, working lady, and constantly thinking and planning our life’s next adventure (even if at home).