The story of the ‘cursed’ flight – Part 2

We hope you read Part 1, but in case you missed it – you can find it here. (It’s a 2 min read only)

Skip ahead 6 weeks and about 6 months, DengLang and AngMoh are ready to take their 6 month old precious daughter on her first overseas trip to one their favorite countries and places – Thailand. 

Prior to being pregnant and giving birth, DengLang and AngMoh had adopted two Singapore specials – rescued two of Singapore’s street dogs.  Dora was rescued with her mom and litter and was adopted at 9 weeks old.  Indy was adopted about 6 months later at the age of 5 months. The story was that his litter was rescued from a construction site at around 3-4 months of age.  Definitely enough time for some significant trauma to settle in deep, rendering Indy being scared of everything and everyone (except DengLang and AngMoh, his family).  They had found a wonderful sitter through Singapore’s online pet-sitter platform and Indy and Dora were well taken care for most of DengLang and AngMoh’s trips and adventures. 

Why, come to find out later, their doggies even had social profiles from their holidays….

Their favorite sitter was originally available and then not available due to her work, luckily with enough time for them to find a different one for the upcoming Krabi, Thailand trip with 6 month old precious.  Enter the new sitters, a western couple new on the platform, but the intro and meet and greet / visit went well and seemed to be comfortable all around.

They drop the dogs off the night before their flight due to an earlier departure time the next morning.  Boarding and flying was smooth and spirits were high, finally taking advantage of the flight voucher from Scoot airlines (from part 1) on a leisure trip and bringing their precious for her first overseas adventure.

The landing in Thailand was smooth.  After clearing customs and they were able to get reception and look at their phone – what do they see and hear? – messages from the new sitters that they had lost Indy.  On the first walk of the morning, while DengLang, AngMoh and precious were either boarding or on the flight, Indy was already ‘lost’. The sitters had already been searching for hours and unable to locate him. 

DengLang and AngMoh checked into their hotel in Krabi, Ao Nang Hill @ 11/1, and immediately started planning how to get back to Singapore to help in the search for Indy, one of their Singapore rescue pups.  The first flight back was the next morning.  They HAD to stay for 1 night.  Meanwhile back home in Singapore, the SOSD (Save Our Street Dogs) was helping with the search and sending out flyers and social media posts.

So for a few hours in Thailand, they managed to take some adorable pics of precious and head to town for some dinner and a walk near the beach.  AngMoh was baby wearing so precious got to see a bit of Thailand, bought her first pair of Thai pants (to be worn many times in hot hot Singapore), watch the waves as night set in and ride in a tuk tuk on the way back to the hotel.

Indy was found, thank God!, by the sitters and was able to be ‘caught’, also thank goodness, before they even boarded their return flight.  There was no staying in Thailand or turning back on they newly purchased/adjusted flight. Though, rightfully so, DengLang and AngMoh needed to be there for Indy after another traumatic 24 hours of being lost.  Dora and Indy had been given over to the favorite sitter as she was back in town and the new sitters that had lost him were also traumatized by losing someone else’s dog.  They removed themselves as sitters from the platform.

So all in all there was something about ‘that flight’ that was just not meant to be. Potential crisis one averted in part 1 when AngMoh was pregnant.  And who knows, but potential crisis two was also diverted by a mini crisis of its own. 

Glad that it was over with! Whatever was associated with that flight and the timing of each, months apart.

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