The scuba dive AngMoh will never forget – Part 1

Scuba diving was a hobby that both DengLang and AngMoh enjoyed – especially together.  AngMoh got certified when living in Colorado circa 2010.  One interesting fact is that Colorado being a land-locked state, has the highest percentage of Scuba divers per Capita of all the U.S. states. 

DengLang was just finishing his certification in Singapore when they started dating.  So, quite naturally, it became the reason for many trips together.

As DengLang was running (owned, managed, and taught) a Muay Thai gym, he was a natural at organizing events. He garnered enough interest from multiple students to become certified and luck would have it, a regular/loyal student was already certified in training Scuba Diving as well. Thus, multiple trips were organized to help the newbies get certified, to dive for fun as a group who already knows and trains Muay Thai together, to get advanced certified, and even rescue diver certified.

Enough background, DengLang and AngMoh became pregnant and after a non-diving holiday to Bangkok, Thailand in October. AngMoh’s first doctor visit occurred. AngMoh and DengLang were both there when the news of a missed miscarriage had happened shook their world. 

A dive trip to Puerto Galera, Philippines with the ‘gym’ group was in the works and getting planned.  Dive trip was scheduled for the first week in December, less than 2 months after the missed miscarriage. As AngMoh was no longer pregnant, the plan included her as a diver on the trip. (And a more experienced one of the group). Given nearly 100 dives under her belt, and maybe also because she’s been a singer most her life, AngMoh had a fairly good and steady intake and use of oxygen under water.  Meaning she should stay down for a full 40-50 min dive and still have air left when surfacing. 

Philippines was exciting.  A new place, further away from their more recent jaunts/trips to diving and knowing that the Philippines has some awesome dive sites.

The first few dives of the trip were shallow and mellow dives to get re-acquainted with the water.  Fairly close to the shore and hotel/resort location. What was odd was that AngMoh was not feeling ‘normal’.  Her air consumption on the easy and shallow dives was way more than any dive she could remember.  She obviously shared this perplexing news with DengLang and they agreed to just keep diving and see how things go…

Please stay tuned for Part 2!

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