One cupboard left unopened

Isn’t it strange how, whenever we visit a new place, we have the need to open every cupboard, drawer and nook openable (maybe it’s just me) and look at what’s inside or if there’s anything inside at all? Perhaps it is the need to familiarize ourselves with a new space that we have planned to encroach upon over the next few days or simply being a ‘Kaypo’ (busy body)… Whichever suits your excuse to go around opening people’s stuff… For me it’s both I guess. I’m Singaporean you see, born and raised before I moved to the States with my wife. And I think deep down I have a responsibility to keep and showcase the Singapore culture wherever I go as long as it’s tolerated of course. And being ‘Kaypo’ is part of that culture. We LOVE poking our noses into other people’s business you see. That’s just how we were bred. Be curious and always ‘Kaypo’. But I diversify.

So that’s when we arrive at a new space. But what about when we leave? Isn’t it more important to check the drawers and nooks before we leave a space? Lest we leave something behind? Unless we are there for only a couple of nights, I like to take my belongings out of my luggage and use the bedroom drawers (if there are any). And I think my Ang Moh wife caught on to it too. Ang Moh had recently been the one checking drawers and cupboards when we reach AND when we leave…. Or so I thought…. So nowadays I leave it to Ang Moh to do the’Kaypo-ing’ and the check before we leave.

mountain house kitchen cupboards

But…. The first time was when we were leaving Breckenridge, CO (Breck)… Ang Moh was packing up the clothes in the bedroom so Deng Lang was just chilling. When we reached home that day, we received a text for a lost and found item. Apparently, Ang Moh had left one cupboard unchecked and Deng Lang’s Carhartt jeans with his Arcade belt got left behind. Now how did Ang Moh miss that cupboard? It was blocked by the bedroom door, so Ang Moh thought there probably wasn’t anything in there… (Wah lau…. She assumed…) Anyway, we went back a couple of weeks after, so we managed to pick up Deng Lang’s wonderful pair of jeans and the one in 50 belts that Deng Lang has that was left behind. Fast forward a couple of months and we are back in Breck again. (Timeshare and fractional real estate is lovely especially if you love experiences and live only 2 hours away). This time while checking out, (yes, you guessed it) Ang Moh left one cupboard in the kitchen unopened and we forgot to bring home some instant oats and a WHOLE BAG of raisins (Ang Moh says there was only a little left. Of course.) So at the time of writing this blog, we have no raisins for our morning oats that Deng Lang and our darling girls live on….

Family with dog on hike

Funny isn’t it, being marvelously intelligent and sharp, how did Ang Moh miss checking those cupboards? And why did Deng Lang take for granted and not counter check? This is what happens when you’re sleep deprived and under nourished (both in body and mind) when you’re taking care of 2 toddlers (I don’t know how people stay sane with more than 2). So note to self – next time we should probably second each other and check each other NOT because we don’t trust each other’s ability but instead KNOWING that both of us are walking zombies that might miss somethings sometimes. Thank goodness we have never and will never leave one of our kids behind.

denglang and angmoh at dinner with crazy toddlers

Has Deng Lang ever left anything behind in our trips? Maybe… But he’s not saying anything.

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