The busy mind and eluding sleep

How many people struggle to get to sleep because of a busy mind?  I suppose the number is pretty high. My husband and I, well as our bio says, are much alike and think many of the same things while also being vastly different and from completely opposite cultures and upbringings. 

I could imagine DengLang could name more of the differences than AngMoh could.  But one of the same traits is the busy mind keeping us awake and unable to sleep.

busy mind keeping you awake

DengLang’s mind might focus on one particular thing and if not solved in his mind, will keep him up and not able to get some shut eye no matter how hard he tries.

AngMoh’s busy mind tends to start on one thing and then jump to every other thing going on or not even going on and can keep her up for no good reason hours past trying to get to sleep. 

So what do you do when you know you have a busy mind? For AngMoh, she needs to start writing. She tried counting sheep, she tried in bed meditation, and slow breathing methods and her mind keeps jumping. 

counting sheep to sleep

Whether it’s writing the task list for the next day to be hopefully more successful than today, or sudden inspiration for a blog post, writing should be the answer for now.

So with that, minds are busy not every night but usually when something big and pivotal is happening.

The big and pivotal could be any number of things though:

  • A personally disturbing  outburst at the kids, from lack of tolerance or getting pushed over the edge – the moment it’s out, you’re left saddened and ashamed by exploding on your precious little ones.
  • The loss of a job or steady source of income
  • The real conversation between spouses/partners or close friends  of challenges that you’re working through but still scare you  (in our case spouses)
  • The sudden booking and arranging of an exciting and overall ‘good’ overseas trip and situation

That’s just a few to mention that seem to spark the busy mind that struggles to get rest.  And after writing those few, it helps put them into perspective – they are big and important! Each one in a different way, but each one deserves some grace to get through it.

Each one could likely be an entire blog post as well…

We’ll see how the inspiration goes. And we’re happy to share the vulnerability of our challenges, in hopes that it might help others. 

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