The difference between a 2 hour domestic flight and an overnight international flight – Part 2

Sorry for the delay!! For the first part, you can read it here.

The morning after the layover, focus on some food and breakfast, getting the girls ready and AngMoh had a job interview.  The girls watched TV to distract from AngMoh leaving the room to go find a relatively quiet spot for the interview in the airport hotel.

Breakfast was a pastry and yogurt, and always some coffee.  Interview was smooth and went well, sitting in a chair outside the lifts or elevator hub.   There were tons of other seats and tables, but the music was too loud or the wifi signal was too weak the further the table or chair was from the center.

family check in at airport

Check-in at LAX for the long haul flight was smooth and they made it through security without much issue. Flight was saying delayed, so there was plenty of time to get some food before boarding. Though the staff at AngMoh’s food of choice in LAX were horrible.  After filling up everyone’s tummy they discovered a playground, hidden in the back behind the toilets which was behind the food area.  What a game changer! The girls could run and jump and slide and pretend to surf and enjoyed every minute of it.

Turns out the flight was back on time and no longer delayed, and so they made it to the gate for boarding in perfect timing.

Once sitting down in their seats after pre-boarding with the littles, DengLang and AngMoh looked across the aisle at each other and exclaimed – “miles different, so shiok”. Economy Value, in the back of the plane, but each seat has its own TV screen (of course), and they had a middle and an aisle seat in the same row.  Boarding finished and just so nice – the window seat next to AngMoh was empty.  This was so nice with a young toddler by your side.  No need to worry about her kicking and touching her seat neighbors.

Skip ahead more than 10 hours, the girls watched movies and slept, and enjoyed having their own tray of food. Don’t you love the innocent and true appreciation for the small things. We adults take so many things for granted and even more so as expected. If only we could package up the joy, excitement and appreciation the girls have with something new and share it with the adults in this world, as well as teach our littles to never lose that!

AngMoh hasn’t seen so many movies in a row as that flight.  Hard to sleep when caring for the little one. Even when she slept, she was likely to roll and fall off the seats. 

The layover in Narita airport, Tokyo was quick and super easy.  No additional lines or re-check through security.  Basically a pit stop for the bathroom and filling up the water bottles with water. 

6 more hours on a plane, and they managed as well as could! Movies and shows really save the day with kids and the adults! Difficult to sleep even when your little one is sleeping as you’re afraid they’ll roll off the seats. Both the girls, especially the littlest one are crazy movers and kickers while sleeping (I suppose just like their mummy, AngMoh.)

Arrived in Singapore at 1am, family greeted us and we had a tea/coffee and chilled at the airport for a few hours before heading over to AhMa’s (Grandma’s) place for a rest on the couch as our check-in to AirBnb hotel wasn’t until 4pm that same day.

family greeting at ariport with name cards

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