How much you forget

You mentally remember things and say you ‘know’, but when it comes to actually living it day to day, it seems you forget and can forget more than you’d think, even after only 3 years. Singapore was home to DengLang for many many years (we won’t count, but his whole childhood and much of hisContinue reading “How much you forget”

The difference between a 2 hour domestic flight and an overnight international flight – Part 2

Sorry for the delay!! For the first part, you can read it here. The morning after the layover, focus on some food and breakfast, getting the girls ready and AngMoh had a job interview.  The girls watched TV to distract from AngMoh leaving the room to go find a relatively quiet spot for the interviewContinue reading “The difference between a 2 hour domestic flight and an overnight international flight – Part 2”

The difference between the 2 hour domestic flight and the 14 hour international flight – Part 1

Everyone knows travelling with your kids can pose it’s challenges. DengLang and AngMoh were about to ‘feel’ this and experience it first hand. A bit of background – Chili Padi (their now 4 year old) travelled on a plane at 6 months and 11 months. She hadn’t started exploring walking at 11 months, and theContinue reading “The difference between the 2 hour domestic flight and the 14 hour international flight – Part 1”

The busy mind and eluding sleep

How many people struggle to get to sleep because of a busy mind?  I suppose the number is pretty high. My husband and I, well as our bio says, are much alike and think many of the same things while also being vastly different and from completely opposite cultures and upbringings.  I could imagine DengLangContinue reading “The busy mind and eluding sleep”

Our first attempt at growing pumpkins

This is a story of both success and failure combined. If you want to skip ahead to the lessons learned, by all means, please do. AngMoh had always had the desire to have a green thumb and grow edibles, mostly vegetables, in her own garden. AngMoh had found some success about 12-15 years ago in a backyardContinue reading “Our first attempt at growing pumpkins”

The 24hr rally booking an urgent trip overseas

When the big puzzle pieces fall into place and specifically with the right timing, we have to jump or rally to make sure we accept the blessing. For DengLang and AngMoh, this has been a theme for the past 3-4 years. The actions and decisions they’ve taken may seem in the moment and may come withContinue reading “The 24hr rally booking an urgent trip overseas”

One cupboard left unopened

Isn’t it strange how, whenever we visit a new place, we have the need to open every cupboard, drawer and nook openable (maybe it’s just me) and look at what’s inside or if there’s anything inside at all? Perhaps it is the need to familiarize ourselves with a new space that we have planned toContinue reading “One cupboard left unopened”

The Scuba Dive AngMoh will never forget -Part 2

We hope you were able to have a quick read of Part 1, but if you missed it, it’s here! The next day of diving, a further distance away to a notorious dive site that has strong current and undertows.  The Dive master (local to Puerto Galera, Philippines) had warned everyone and instructed for allContinue reading “The Scuba Dive AngMoh will never forget -Part 2”

The scuba dive AngMoh will never forget – Part 1

Scuba diving was a hobby that both DengLang and AngMoh enjoyed – especially together.  AngMoh got certified when living in Colorado circa 2010.  One interesting fact is that Colorado being a land-locked state, has the highest percentage of Scuba divers per Capita of all the U.S. states.  DengLang was just finishing his certification in SingaporeContinue reading “The scuba dive AngMoh will never forget – Part 1”

The story of the ‘cursed’ flight – Part 2

We hope you read Part 1, but in case you missed it – you can find it here. (It’s a 2 min read only) Skip ahead 6 weeks and about 6 months, DengLang and AngMoh are ready to take their 6 month old precious daughter on her first overseas trip to one their favorite countriesContinue reading “The story of the ‘cursed’ flight – Part 2”