The story of the ‘cursed’ flight Part 1

AngMoh and DengLang  were pregnant with their first child.  Well actually it was what they called their precious one as she was conceived shortly after a miscarriage.   Only to find out later some people call their ‘next’ baby conceived and born healthy immediately after a miscarriage a ‘rainbow baby’.    There’s a whole other story that comes to mind, for another post, in relation to finding out we were pregnant with our rainbow baby.  We’ll save that for another post.

As very active and physically fit couple, they didn’t have the mindset that pregnancy should slow them down.  Or at least, AngMoh, being extremely stubborn by nature wanted to keep moving and doing things as per their ‘nornal’ as much as possible.

Of course, AngMoh stopped drinking coffee, had already stopped drinking alcohol altogether a year or more before getting pregnant and she stopped riding on the back of DengLang’s motorcycle (KTM) despite how fun and convenient it was to get around in Singapore. 

Back to the ‘as normal as possible’, we wanted to take one more trip and explore a new place before giving birth.   Also, later to learn this is typically called a babymoon, and best to be done in the second trimester.   Being in Singapore the lure of so many places to explore with just a short 2 hour flight away is definitely hard to fight! 

At 34 weeks they had booked a flight to Kaohsiung, Taiwan and were excited by the food they were going to experience and explore.  AngMoh had never (and spoiler alert –  still has never) been to Taiwan.  They board the plane. Got through check-in, through security and through boarding with no concerns, questions or eyebrows raised.  All other passengers had boarded as well. 

Before they pulled from the gate for taxi and take-off, a flight attendant stopped and asked if AngMoh was pregnant and how many weeks.  They replied honestly of course, and produced a letter from the doctor for proof of number of weeks.  However, the letter did not help their case as it actually stated AngMoh should stay in Singapore due to a lack of immunity against a particular disease.  They were asked to leave the plane and told they could not fly on this trip.

The airline, Scoot, was kind enough to provide a flight voucher which DengLang and AngMoh could use another time and at a later date.

Stay Tuned for Part 2…. the story obviously continues

How We Began

I suppose for the first post, we should tell how we began, what this blog will be about and why.

DengLang was a martial arts gym owner and master trainer in Muay Thai in Singapore for many years, but let’s center our focus around 2013 – 2015 ish.

AngMoh was a single female who took what some people believed as a brave step to move across the world from the Colorado, USA to Singapore by herself for work. That moved happened in the second half 2012.  Having tried kick boxing in Colorado in 2011-2012 and loved it, AngMoh was eager to keep it up in Singapore.  She tried a few gyms and eventually landed at the gym DengLang owned and taught at.

You could say the rest is history.  But it actually was about 2 years or so of AngMoh training Muay Thai extensively (for a period of time she was training Muay Thai 6 times a week) before the right timing for our love and connection to bud and spark.

No drama building our relationship and we just meshed well and fell in love, despite our differences – namely growing up in two vastly different cultures across the world.

We actually think much alike, share the same values and principles and have similar drive, passion and stubbornness to go with it.

This blog will be about anything and all that we have either done and explored or experimenting individually while being together or as partners (and always lovers) or as a family.

We don’t think we’re exceptionally special, however, our combined uniqueness and similarities seem to have exposed us to many adventures, be it small day to day, raising kids, lots of travel and the occasional entrepreneurial type activities. 

We’ve heard from others that stuff we do, have done, have bought, have booked, plan to do etc may be helpful to others as well.  So here it goes, with our Dis and That by DengLang and AngMoh.