The busy mind and eluding sleep

How many people struggle to get to sleep because of a busy mind?  I suppose the number is pretty high. My husband and I, well as our bio says, are much alike and think many of the same things while also being vastly different and from completely opposite cultures and upbringings.  I could imagine DengLangContinue reading “The busy mind and eluding sleep”

The story of the ‘cursed’ flight – Part 2

We hope you read Part 1, but in case you missed it – you can find it here. (It’s a 2 min read only) Skip ahead 6 weeks and about 6 months, DengLang and AngMoh are ready to take their 6 month old precious daughter on her first overseas trip to one their favorite countriesContinue reading “The story of the ‘cursed’ flight – Part 2”

The story of the ‘cursed’ flight Part 1

AngMoh and DengLang  were pregnant with their first child.  Well actually it was what they called their precious one as she was conceived shortly after a miscarriage.   Only to find out later some people call their ‘next’ baby conceived and born healthy immediately after a miscarriage a ‘rainbow baby’.    There’s a whole other storyContinue reading “The story of the ‘cursed’ flight Part 1”

How We Began

I suppose for the first post, we should tell how we began, what this blog will be about and why. DengLang was a martial arts gym owner and master trainer in Muay Thai in Singapore for many years, but let’s center our focus around 2013 – 2015 ish. AngMoh was a single female who tookContinue reading “How We Began”